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Phone: 520-209-7800 | Fax 520-209-7870
Attendance Line: 520-209-7860
Early Release Hours 8:00am - 1:30pm
K-AM: 8:00am - 11:00am
K-PM: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
School Hours: 8:00am - 3:00pm
Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Durham School Services 
(bus company) 520-615-7635

Kim Boling

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Staff Directory



Staff emails may be obtained by contacting your child's teacher or through the school office at 520-209-7800.

Principal     Assistant Principal                      
Kim Boling Email                          

Office Clerk

Cathy Larter Email   Michelle Kluth - Email                      
District RN     Health Assistant                      
Lisa Alkadis     Patty Langford                      

Special Services Team

Kara Rawson    

ELD - Chad Knippen


Kate Schwartz


Reading Specialist - Lynn Bush-Stephens


Kylie Baker


RTI - Cynthia Riesgo

Nicole Lise     Speech / Language - Keegan Gallagher                      
      Learning Lab & Inclusion                      

First Grade

         Elizabeth Berlin                      
Nancy Hayes          Lizbeth Lutz-Rodriguez                      

Rachel Bowman


Counselor - Kelsey Garcia Faber


Psychologist - Heather Campbell-Orr


IDS - Tom Green

Angela Baser     STEM Integration Specialist - Kelly Taylor                      



Computer Technician - Andrea (Andie) Zwart

April Pollow    


Tiffany Wiley     Special Areas Team                      

Terry Alexander - Orchestra

Second Grade    

Anna Ames - Music and Band

Cynthia Barrett    

Monica Cortez – Spanish

Stacy Kraft    

Devon Inglee – Art


Justine Guarrera


Graciela Kumar - Spanish

Third Grade    

Jennifer Braun - PE

Amber Grilli     Polly Tanner - Library Clerk                      
Sarah Pifer     Kelly Taylor - Science & Engineering                      
Krista Westmoreland                            
Sarah Willems     Educational Assistants (EAs)                      
      Autumn Hill                              
Fourth Grade    

Barbara Islas

Roby Althaus     Carin Kuhns                                       
Linda Deputy     Eilean Guido                                       
Donna Fisher     Elizabeth (Liz) Peak                                             
Tina Moricz     Jaime Ratkoff                      
      Jennifer Bishop                      
Fifth Grade     Karen Wagner                       
Michael Allie     Maria Stefano                       
Kathleen Bowman    

Natalie Beaumonte               

Julie Michel     Remy Cooper                      
Nicole Williams                            
Community Schools                            
 Ashley Glaser,       Site Lead                            


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